Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Istanbul Icons September 2014 (Ataturk, Ataturk, Mosque, Ataturk, Mosque, Ataturk ....)

Sultanahmet? Hagia Sophia? They go by in a blur

Galata Tower

The Bosphoros 

Stuck in Traffic

One of many fading photos of Ataturk on the road to Ortukoy. Here he seems to be surprised by the veil on the woman strolling with her friend.


Modern icons at a gift shop in Istanbul

Porn, Self-Help, and Ataturk in a used book shop in Istanbul

Ataturk and puppy shoulder bags in Ortukoy

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Doha, Qatar, last week

Cruel Shoes: How many of these are worn beneath the niqab?
Doha's phallic skyline

Construction and shrouds

More skyline

The Pearl: Too bad you can't see that Nasrallah is on the screen on the TV

Burberry Burqa?
A very lonely little ice skater

View from the top of the Retaj Hotel

Arriving at Trader Vic's
On the way to the airport at dawn

A taxi, a zigurat mosque and the rising sun
A room with a view, somewhere above Iraq

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Goa Thinkfest, November 2011

The Thinkfest in Goa last week was a great success, and the Grand Hyatt is a great hotel that has only just opened. The beach ... well, the beach needs to be cleaned up. There are still too many remnants of its funky past. But that will come. I tried to photograph the enormous bats in the trees, but I'm afraid my camera wasn't up to the task....